Friday, March 25, 2011

Lucas and Fruits

... are NOT compatible!!! It is really a challenge for me to get him to eat fruits. Before, he will occasionally eat mangoes. But that is it. His regular "fruit" intake comes in the form of fruit juices that he loves. But the sugar content of those can make one cry. And the sucralase content of those low sugar fruit drinks scare me.

A fellow n@wie posted her Magic Kong Pop as a way of making her toddler eat veggies. Read her post here. I read it last year and forgot about it until my chance encounter with a popsicle mold in Robinson's Galleria last February. I bought the popsicle maker and made my first set of popsicles.

My popsicle recipe:
Del Monte Four Seasons Fruit juice as base - it has a pretty strong color and it masked the fruits that I added
mangoes ( 1 slice)
papayas (about a cup)

I just placed them all in a blender and liquified the mixture. I tasted it and added water as I found it too sweet at first. Then I put the mixture in the mold and placed the mold in our freezer.

The next day, I am happy to report that the dear little boy ate it :) It was a little messy but at least he got to eat fruits!

 Ice cream Mommy!

Yum yum 

 Lick it...


I hope the novelty of it won't wear off too soon. We'll see as my next batch is waiting in our freezer.

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