Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Linen/Silk Anniversary

I almost clobbered the hubby when he greeted me "Happy 3rd Anniversary" at a little past 1 AM this morning. A sweet gesture, yes. But he should've counted properly first. See, it's our fourth anniversary already :) I restrained myself (lest I have to drive him to the hospital (on our anniversary no less) with a head injury) and just said "Happy Anniversary Labs. But please count again" :)). Now, this kind of booboo would be unforgivable to some but lets give hubby a break. He really has issues counting years and months. But I digress, to celebrate our 4th year as Mr. and Mrs. Vallesteros, I would like to share pictures from the past years.

 Our 2006 Wedding. Gray skies but thank heavens it didn't rain. Think garden reception :)

 2007: Merely two months after our wedding, JJ was sent abroad for training. Took it as an opportunity to have our honeymoon overseas. This same year, after an HPT I took early morning of our 1st anniversary, we found out that we're gonna be Daddy and Mommy in about eight months.

 August 2008: Everyone was all eyes on the Olympic Games held in Beijing, China. A week after the opening ceremonies (August 15, 2008), I was watching the gymnastics competition in the Delivery Room while giving birth to our dear darling son, Lucas Ethan.

 2009: Big year for me and JJ career-wise. We also celebrated Lucas' first birthday.

2010: Yey! Lucas is big enough to take vacations with us! Still challenging but at least he already appreciates the change in scenery.

Looking back. I cannot believe how much our lives has changed in the past four years. I am looking forward to celebrating more years with you JJ. Cheers to a brighter future for our little family.

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Nicole said...

Congratulations to you and your husband on 4 years! =)