Friday, April 30, 2010

Weight Management

Our company launched its latest wellness program via the Weight Management Program. In the said program, all employees must have body composition analysis with the use of the InBody Body Composition Analyser. The sample results sheet looks like this...

A. Body Composition
                                   My Values             Normal Range (given my height of 5'6")
Weight                      148.4 lbs.               110.5 ~ 149.6
Muscle Mass              53.4 lbs.                 49.6 ~ 60.6
Body Fat Mass           50.5 lbs.                  26.0 ~ 41.6 (EEEKKKKK!!!)

B. Obesity Diagnosis
                                    My Values             Normal Range
Body Mass Index          24.0                     18.5 ~ 25 (Oh my, isang donut na lang overweight na!)
Percent Body Fat          34                        18.0 ~ 28
Waist Hip Ratio            0.82                     0.70 ~ 0.80
Body Metabolic Rate   1329                    1377 ~ 1601

C. Muscle Fat Control
Muscle Control   + 2.2 lbs
Fat Control           - 20.5 lbs

FITNESS SCORE: 70 (passing score is 75)


What I am doing so far.....

I've been attending the aerobics class every Tuesday for about a month now. But since it's volleyball and badminton season once again (our office holds inter-company tourneys), I'd have to let go of that. After the tourneys, apart from the aero class, I plan to attend the dance class as well and continue my weight training program after aero/dance classes.

I've also been lifting weights at home. But I only get to do it like once a week. I guess I would have to do it more frequently from now on.

I am also trying to stay away from junk food. I had minor relapses but I made it a point not to purchase chips and similar items when we do grocery shopping. I also buy lots of yogurt and put them in the freezer. I substitute frozen yogurt to ice cream but I do give in and enjoy a cup once in a while.

One thing I am so reluctant to give up is my coffee fix. This coffee "addiction" started only last year. Now, I cannot let a day pass without enjoying a cup or two. It also doesn't help that our office pantry serves really good brewed coffee. The thing is, I don't enjoy black coffee with sugar. It has to be Cafe Mocha. Yup, with creamer, Milo or Ovaltine and muscovado sugar. So, I can imagine the extra calories this fix of mine brings me. But I know I have to limit it to one cup a day at least. I will start next week by substituting a cup of green tea to my morning coffee.

It's not that I want to have a bikini-worthy body (though I wouldn't mind having that. haha!). I just miss wearing my old clothes and I just want to feel confident wearing body-hugging tops once again.

Target weight loss is 18lbs.

Wish me luck! 

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