Monday, April 26, 2010

Gracias Dora

We let Lucas watch TV (our bad, I know) and one of his favorite shows is Dora the Explorer. I know she's a girl and my toddler is a boy but I really like it because he learns a lot of new words from the show. He often repeats after Dora and Map, he sings when the mission is accomplished, he shouts "Map!" or "Backpack!" before Dora asks "Who do we ask if we don't know which way to go?" or "Say backpack, say backpack" and he says "Oh Men" when he sees Swiper the Fox.

Last Sunday, we were at my parent's house. JJ was taking a nap in the bedroom near the living room where we were all watching TV. I noticed Lucas walk near the closed bedroom door but did not pay that much attention to him. Suddenly, my mom said, "Oh, buksan ninyo yung pinto ng kuwarto. Abre daw sabi ni Lucas". I said, "Ano yun Ma? Abre?". And my mom was like,"Oo, abre. Di ba open yun in Spanish?". And we all looked at my son again. Indeed, he was saying "Abre! Abre!". Haha :-) I don't know if he expects the door to open automatically when he says "Abre!" (that's what happens in Dora's episodes) but I was just so amazed that he can grasp the concept already and use what he picked up from the show in real life.

And for that, a big thanks to Dora :-)


ivymarasigan said...

hi there! ok naman ang Dora, even for boys. and yes, educational sya. my Gabbie learns a lot from watching Dora. sometimes nagugulat na lang ako she knows new words (English and Spanish) kahit hindi ko tinuturo sa kanya... yun pala kay Dora (or sa Hi5) natutunan. :)

Chie Vallesteros said...

Hi Ivy! Yup, siguro dahil dun sa repetitive nature? ilang beses rin kasi nila ulit-ulitin yung mga words so talagang mapi-pick up nila. Nakakatuwa lang :-) Concern kasi namin yung fact na girl siya kaya usually we look for episodes na she's with Diego. Yung Diego naman kasi on animals, di masyado type ni Lucas :-)