Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lucas @ 20 Months

Lucas is our little boy kulit. We all rue the day when he discovered that "NO" is not exclusive for the grown-ups' use. Typical household scenarios:

Ate Mariel: Lucas, let's eat na...
Lucas: No! (running to his lolo's room)
Before bath time
Mommy: Lucas, we cannot take your car in the banyo. Masisira yan anak when it gets wet.
Lucas: No, no, no (tightly holding on to the toy)
After the bath
Mommy: Lucas, let's go na. It's time to say bye to the mirror na (it is our ritual to say goodbye to the bathroom mirror since he was 9 months old)
Lucas: (playing with the water pa) No (with matching shake of the head pa)
We just use DISTRACTION to win the battle.

During our Kindermusik trial class with Teacher Marah. It wasn't that successful. As you can see here, he wasn't keen on listening and just participated when it was play time.

Trying on Tito Daniel's goggles

Left: Mommy's Drawing - Right: Daddy's drawing
Mommy: Lucas what's this? (pointing to the red apple. yes, that's an apple)
Lucas: *silent* with a blank look on his face after looking at the picture
Daddy: Lucas what's this? (JJ wasn't even halfway done)
Lucas: Car!
Daddy: Lucas, what's this? (pointing to the train while still finishing it)
Lucas: Choo choo!
Hay. I have no talent for drawing talaga :-)

Our little cutie pie :-)


em said...

Hi CHie!
ibang iba na itsura ni Lucas sa picture nyo sa profile mo dito. Gwapito!

Chie Vallesteros said...

Thanks Nyem :-) naku, kulit kulit na :-)

bernardandclarice said...

Hi Chie!

Hahaha! Si Jia this month lang natutunan ang "No". ay! gamit na gamit. was planning to blog about it na nga rin eh. nakakatuwa ang mga bata no? your lucas is so gwapo!