Friday, April 16, 2010

Amici date with Chissa

Hay, the perks of having a galante sister :-)

At last, "grace" came and with it, the promised Amici dinner. Last night, my sister and I had bonding time/ dinner at Amici in Megamall. We had carbonara, seafood pasta and four-cheese pizza. The pizza is just so YUMMY! I had 3 slices in a span of 10 minutes! We both didn't have our cameras with us so I will just borrow pics from the net to show you our dinner delight.
*Above is a slice of Banana blast. Sadly, it was not available last night.

After dinner, gelato at Cara Mia is simply a MUST! I ordered Tiramisu, Chissa got Mango Jubilee (delish!) and we got a slice of Mixed Berries ice cream cake to share. Sugar overload!
Mixed Berries from shootfirsteatlater. (Click at the link to see her Amici review and several oh-so-mouthwatering gelati from Cara Mia)

To say that last night was fun is an understatement. We just missed MOM :( We'll take her na lang to Amici when it opens in ATC late this month.

Cheese, thanks thanks for last night. Sa uulitin! Lab lab....

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