Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our 17-Month Old

Lucas will be 18 months in a few days and again, I wonder, where did the days go? I look at my son now and I marvel at how different he is from the 7lbs. little boy I gave birth to in August '08.

Toddler tidbits

  • "NO" is now his favorite word. He knows when to use it and he says it while shaking his head. Leaving whoever he is talking to with no doubt that he doesn't want to do what he is being asked to do.

  • He loves cream-based pasta sauces, soups, suman and bibingka. He hates meat that's why we ingest protein in his diet by feeding him taho, which he also likes.

  • Whenever we see a Jollibee foodstore, he signs "eat/ food" and then wails if we drive past it. He eventually settles down until the next Jollibee branch :-)

  • He loves watching Barney, Dora and Sesame Street DVDs. There are mornings when right after waking up he'd blurt out "Barn!, making me and JJ laugh and shake our heads.

  • He still signs. To date, he can sign: airplane (he has his own version), drink (signing while saying "ju"), milk, more, eat/food, quiet, mama, thank you, change nappy (which he knows how to use already. he signs after he poops!), no more, shoes

  • He says the following words: Mama (though he also calls JJ Mama which we have been trying to correct for weeks now), Lolo (oh so loud and clear! and he calls both his gramps Lolo), Ju for juice, A-po for apple, Bu for book, Babu- bubbles, Babu- for Jollibee (we don't know why!), Bob-bob for Spongebob, Barn/Bar-yi for Barney, Do/ Dowa for Dora, Gogogo-when he wants to ride the car, Yumyum for food and of course, his favorite word, No.

  • He loves playing with his cousins and other children. I also noticed that he'd go where he sees kids and then he'll pretend that he's part of the group. He will laugh when they laugh, etc.

As for me, we're still breastfeeding :-) I still pump in the office but given that Lucas is already mixed-fed as I cannot pump what he takes in when I am at work, I am more relaxed in my pumping schedule. I also found out that I have an acrobatic son as he loves to nurse in these weird positions, which never fails to amuse me or make me sigh.

That's it for now :-)

My little angel right after Eugene and Innah's wedding, crashing the walk-in closet at their hotel room. Yes, that's a shoe box he's sitting on :-)

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