Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heart's Day

Our little boy was scheduled for a check-up last February 13. After his visit to his pedia, (well-baby, thank heavens!) JJ and I decided to have our "valentine's date" lunch. We were out of the house already so we might as well enjoy our day out. We decided to try Fish and Co. at ATC. We ordered their famous Fish and Chips and a spaghetti dish (name of which I forgot). From the fact that I forgot its name, you will conclude that the pasta dish wasn't stellar. But it was not bad. Just okay, not something you will crave for. Their fish and chips is an altogether different matter. It. is. just. so. delicious. The thin outerlayer is so crispy and the fish inside, oh so soft. It melts in your mouth! I think I let out an "Ohhh" after the first bite :-) Even our little picky eater loved it. He was telling me "pis..." and signing food non-stop. We'd definitely go back for the Fish and Chips again.

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V-day itself was spent at my parents house where we had lunch. After our visit, we went to ATC again for dinner. Restaurants were at full capacity. We decided to have dinner at Pancake House (hubby had a minor temper flare as the waiters didn't have a clear system on waitlisting). Our little boy was unusually bratty that night which resulted to me and JJ taking turns on entertaining him outside the restaurant (Oh the joys of parenthood :-) ). Yeah, a V-day date where we both ate alone. Haha :-) But no complains there. It's the fact that we celebrated it as a family that is most important anyway.
Hope you guys had a nice valentine's day too.

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