Thursday, February 11, 2010

Close call

This morning, we were driving along C-5 when all of a sudden several cars ahead of us stopped. I was initially thinking that the car will stop in time (as it usually does) but my mind suddenly calculated our speed and the distance, it all clicked. We will hit the car in front, for sure! Good thing JJ was calm enough to maneuver the car hard to the left towards the island. Moments after the car came to a full stop, I gave a huge sigh of relief. We were safe and it looks like we didn't hit the car in front of us. JJ immediately got out of the car to find out what happened and saw that we actually grazed the other car. We were really just aftereffects of the incident in front of us and good thing the police were there immediately after the accident. The police looked at our cars and told JJ and the other driver that given that the damage is relatively small, he'd rather that we talk about it than file a report. He said that the effort is not worth the cost of the scratches the cars sustained. Minor scratches really. JJ and the other driver settled and we were on our way to work again in a short while. I was still shaken as we stopped by the nearest gas station to inspect the car.

Apparently, a "kariton" full of bananas was crossing the street (yes! crossing C5!) when it was hit by a motorcycle. Bananas covered portions of the road and one car (probably discomfited by the site or was afraid that the bananas made the road slippery) suddenly hit the brakes. The car next to it (an Altis) swerved to the left and hit the brakes hard causing the Civic in front of us to hit the brakes as well.

JJ and I rarely bring a car to the office, usually just once or twice a month. This morning was one of those rare occasions. Next time, we'll probably think twice, thrice before we bring a car again. Hay. Nakaka-trauma! But then accidents do happen and I guess we're also lucky that no one got hurt. We just have to be more careful next time. 40 kph na lang sa C5 :-)

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