Thursday, February 18, 2010

I love frozen yogurt

Fro-Yo is clearly my "thing" for now. I just have to have it! (I know, OA. But really). Here's my review of the brands that I've tried.

Lulu and Belle is not "it" for me. I find it too creamy and expensive. Actually, the price of the yogurt is the same as most brands but its their toppings price that turned me off. I'd be getting three toppings for the price of theirs. I honestly do not see myself going back at their stores anytime soon.

Tutti Frutti. This one I find not creamy enough. The texture is much lighter for my liking. Though the tangy taste is there, it doesn't make up for the lack of creaminess. What I love about Tutti Frutti is the fact that I can have different flavors at a time. I tried their Chocolate/Plain flavor and I find it okay. Just a little expensive at P20/ oz.

White Hat on the other hand is too creamy for me. I was looking for the tangy taste and I cannot find it. At first I thought it was because I chose blueberry preserve as one of my toppings and it kinda affected the taste. But when I got to the yogurt only part, the taste is still the same. I was happy with it because I got one order for free (Thanks to my BDJ planner). I will try it again but I am not sure how soon. Probably when I am someplace where it's the only Fro-Yo choice.

Yoh-gurt Froz is by far my favorite :-) We just love the yogurt-mangoes-granola clusters-cheesecake combination. Simply heavenly. The yogurt is just perfect for me. Tangy and not too creamy.
My second favorite is SM's Yoghurt-to-Go. Value for money. Just P60 for a small cup with one topping. And the taste of the yogurt is almost identical to Yoh-gurt Froz! I almost always buy a cup whenever I drop by SM Makati.
Next in our list are Red Mango and Golden Spoon :-) Wonder if I'd change my fave brand after trying these two. What do you think?

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