Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Cool Dad

Background: JJ's into playing Magic cards and collecting Transformers since he was a kid (highschool for Magic). He takes good care of his toys and even buys special plastic sleeves for his cards for them to be in mint condition for a long time. So imagine my surprise when I saw him hand our 8th month old the following to play with:
Prime too?
The Magic card could've been one of the cheapest in the stash but the thought of him letting our little boy play with his most prized toys is really something.
Lucas had his eye on Prime for a long while now. JJ even bought him a small Bulkhead to play with. But, the little guy still wants to play with Prime...
Just heartwarming to see what JJ can do just to make Lucas happy :-) (Starcream and the other leader class TFs naman anak? ;D) Thank you daddy.

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