Monday, April 20, 2009

No longer a baby :-(

.. and it saddens me.

Lucas had his first haircut last night. It was some sort of an instant decision on our part since my dad discovered that Lucas have "bungang-araw" in his head. I immediately texted our pedia cousin (hi Ate Mai :-) ) and she told me not to put powder (baby powder or cornstarch) on it and just keep the areas infected dry all the time. Since my baby has a lot of hair, we immediately decided to have his hair cut the same day.

After hearing mass, JJ and Lolo Dadi went to Dadi's trusted barber and asked him to give Lucas a cut at home.
Lucas: pre-haircut.
Lucas: moments before his haircut
I took a video and it was 7 minutes of near-torture for me. Lucas was cranky before the haircut and he started crying 1 minute into it. There were times when he'd look at me and wail "Mama, Mama, Mama..." which simply broke my heart and made me want to cry with him. Good thing he stopped crying immediately after the haircut.
And now, presenting my little boy, looking all grown-up (which is what made me sad). He's growing soooo fast.
He has swollen eyes pa from all his crying last night but I am glad he's the happy baby we all adore when he woke up this morning.
Just an update :-)

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha...bad boy look ah! pogi!