Tuesday, July 5, 2011

London, England

... was where Nole was crowned as the Wimbledon Champion.

 The following Monday, he also became the new No.1 Player in the World

I wouldn't have minded Nole's win as he's my second favorite player but the win came courtesy of my FAVORITE player :(

At least Rafa has Roland Garros... and he can always try his best again next season. Still, it is hard not to feel a little sad as the next tournaments will be on hardcourts where Nole played extremely well in the past. Rafa fans can only hope and pray for better results in the next games.

I read that Nole is now on a gluten-free diet as his nutritionist found that the athlete is allergic to the said protein late last year. Could this be the key to his amazing tennis this year? Read one article here .

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