Sunday, June 26, 2011

Making Faces

Recently, I noticed that Lucas loves having his picture taken. For fun, I  thought I'd ask him to make different faces. And I was happy he obliged. Take a look.....

 This is SAD :(

 This is ANGRY >(

This is HAPPY :)

~ * ~
After a while, he asked me to take pictures of him with some of his trains...
 With Toby

 With James...

To say that he loves Thomas the Tank Engine and the other trains is an understatement (and I believe deserves a separate post). Fellow n@wie Leslie surely understands. We saw them at Amici in ATC last weekend. Lucas saw Kuya Jared playing with Henry. My little boy HAD to go near him. Ending, they swapped trains while we're all eating. After the meal, it was time to swap trains :) Thank you Kuya Jared. See you guys in our next playdate.

Borrowed Henry

~ * ~
To end this, I'd like to share with you our recent conversations with Lucas:

Mommy just got home from work...
Mommy: Lucas! What did you to today?
Lucas: (tapping his chin with his forefinger) Hmmm... let's see....

On our way to the parking lot from Robinson's Department Store where Lucas was crying /begging  so we'd buy him James. We are to meet Tito B near the parking lot.
Lucas: Mommy, buy James. Please. Buy James.. (may konting iyak pa ito)
Mommy: We will buy James on your birthday ok?
Lucas: Ok...
Here comes Tito B...
Lucas: B, buy James?
:) baka nga naman makalusot
Hope you guys had a nice weekend.

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