Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Current Reads

I recommend this book for moms with toddlers. I am not yet done with it but here are the author's general principles and what she promotes and encourage throughout the chapters of the book:
1. View and respect your toddler as an individual
2. Cheer your toddler on toward independence - without rushing him
3.  Learn how to tune in to your child's verbal and nonverbal language
4. Be realistic - toddlerhood is a time of constant change
5. Promote your child's development and family harmony
6. Help your toddler manage his emotions - particularly his frustrations
7. Develop a strong meaningful bond between Dad and your toddler
8. Facilitate your child's becoming a social being
9. Manage your emotions
10. Nourish your own adult relationships

I can say that it  has helped me already! I am now more patient with Lucas and I try very, very hard not to shout at him even though I am frustrated already. I also try other means aside from force to get him to do stuff, like taking a bath (before, this activity can really be a STRUGGLE) and eating time (I learned to RELAX and not stress too much on his picky-eater nature). Of course, there are still those times when I feel like he just wants to TEST his limits on me and his dad but hey, we have a toddler after all. And what's important is that we are learning more on how to deal with him properly. I'd share more when I finish the book.

I am also done reading Jude Deveraux's latest title. It is another nice read from Deveraux. I finished it in three days (an amazing feat really, given that reading a book -for me- is a luxury these days). Imagine me with a booklight at 1 AM (Fact).

I love love Philippa Gregory! I love how her stories are based on facts, the characters really existed and how events mentioned in the books really happened. From what I know, Gregory usually fills in the gaps whenever her research fails to provide portions of her character's story. The Other Queen is a page-turner and it left me wanting to start on her other books. I first read "The Other Boleyn Girl". After that, I am hooked.

This is the next  book in line. The Queen's Fool. I am hoping it'd be as good as the other Gregory books I read.


ivymarasigan said...

nice books :) looking for one to read in my free time, too. medyo bored ako sa Water For Elephants eh :)

Chie Vallesteros said...

Hi Ivy :)

Ah talaga mejo boring siya? I wanted to buy the copy I saw at Booksale days ago pa naman. Buti na lang di ko pa tinuloy. Being a secondhand bookstore afficionado, naku, ang dami kong books na nakapila. Kaya kina-career ko now ang paghanap ng time na magbasa :)