Friday, April 22, 2011

P.I.C.'s 60th Birthday

Lolo P.I.C. (Partner-in-Crime) celebrated his 60th birthday this year. Yey! may discount na si Lolo :) Lolo G had a post-60th birthday bash at Yakimix in Greenbelt with family and close friends.

Here is Lolo's party in pictures:

 Lucas and Tita Nice
 The boys (less Tito Eugene): JJ, Tito B, Lucas and Tito Daniel

 Happy Birthday Lolo G

 blow :)

 Quality Control. Taste niya muna kung yummy :)

 Paulina's jewels (missing Tito Ed): Tito Julius, Daddy G, Tita Sylv, Ate Vivs, Tita Baby, Tita Olive, Ninong Ding and Tito Jun

 Ninong Ding with pretty Isabel

Turned it into a playground: Lucas with Ate Laura, Ate Lily and Kuya Enrico

1. When Lucas was into Handy Manny and started requesting for his own "tools" particularly, a hammer, Lolo G didn't just buy him a toy hammer. He looked for a small hammer that my son can handle and taught him where he can use it (the wooden shoe rack!).
2. When Lucas requests for Jollibee, Lolo G will most probably be getting his car keys within  a minute of his apo's request.
3. When Lolo G buys bread in BF, they will surely pass by Ruins to buy toys for my little boy.
4. Lucas runs to Lolo G's room if he thinks he can escape me and JJ. One time, we were about to brush his teeth when all of a sudden he ran to Lolo G's room and jumped on their bed. Sumunod kami ni JJ. Akala niya di na siya magtoo-toothbrush because he's in Lolo's room? Nu-uh.
5. Lolo G (and Lola E) know the Playhouse Disney characters already. Little boy loves to stay in their room specially on weekdays. And there's the usual request to watch cartoons in the living room where Lola E watches TV.
6. Whatever time of the day, Lolo G will make his apo his special bread (aptly called "Lolo's bread").
7. Lucas was playing with dirt in the garden (as in kinakamay niya!). To the rescue si Lolo G. Akala ko sasawayin niya. You know what he did? Inabutan ng shovel! Para daw hindi na kamayin :) hehehe...
Here are the "partners" through the years:

Happy Birthday Lolo! Cheers to a lot more birthdays to come :)

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