Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tita B's Birthday Lunch

Tita B, Chissa and I got together for lunch to celebrate Tita B's birthday. Destination? Spiral in Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

Sofitel describes Spiral as Manila's most fashionable eatery. It is a concept restaurant with multi-cuisine open cooking stations. Indoor and outdoor environments blend beautifully in the spacious, natural setting.
Type of cuisine : International
Opening hours : 06:00 - 00:00

Without further ado, here's our mini-feast:
 My Japanese plate. Loved the sashimi and the asparagus wrapped in bacon.

 Lamb chops with mint sauce and peking duck. Peking duck wrapper has a strong flour-like taste :( But the duck itself was yummy.

 Tita B's curacha (?)

My Chinese plate

Yummy dessert. This part of the meal made me happy :) Mango crepe, creme brulee, blueberry cheesecake and marshmallows dipped in chocolate. Hmm. If only I could eat these all day and not gain a pound...

 Tita B tried the paella. She found it too spicy.

 Chissa and her buttered lobster

 After dessert, I was thinking of eating something to cleanse my palate. My sister laughed when I went back with this plate :)

Tita B's dessert

Happy Birthday Tita B!

 View from our table

 Chissa and Tita B

 Me and Tita B
We stayed and talked (and laughed!) until the hostess said that the buffet will close soon :) Yup, that looong.

I find it too pricey. This time, we got 50% off the bill so it's fine. But I don't think I'd be happy to pay full price for the spread. I'd rather spend at 7 Corners. Here's why:
1. 7 Corners' rate is PhP1300plus tax per head
2. Almost everything that I ate at Spiral, I also ate/saw at 7 Corners (almost because admittedly, Spiral has a better dessert station). I am not sure about Tita's curacha. But then I didn't try curacha so for me, it doesn't really count.

One nice thing about Spiral though is their customer service. I'd give them that. If Spiral and 7 Corners are priced equally, I'd go to Spiral. No questions about it. But then at its current rate of PhP2000++, for me ( I stress, this is just poor me), it is not worth it.

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