Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Milestone

Guess who sat by  himself on a dentist chair? Guess who let the dentist clean his teeth without Daddy and Mommy's assistance and without making a fuss (read: not even a single tear!)? :)

 .. and we couldn't be happier :) We were so proud of him.

Daddy JJ was happy because he was dreading the part of the dental visit where he has to control all of Lucas' 20 kilos from squirming as the dentist goes about her task of cleaning and checking Lucas' teeth.

It was a surprise, really. I told him days before that we will go the dentist in a couple of days where his teeth will be brushed and cleaned. He just kept on saying, "Ok Mommy" whenever the upcoming appointment was mentioned to him so I took his reply with a grain of salt and just expected the worst.

But then, he willingly sat on the chair and the rest is one-mom's-proud-moment history.

~ * ~
Can I add that he's potty trained already? Yey! to savings from nappies...

Next mission is to have him speak Filipino. I asked Ate Denny to speak to him in Filipino (to enforce the one person, one language rule) but then he says, "No, Ate Denny, don't like it... don't like it" when she speaks to him in Filipino. Hay, next move is for me to be the designated person to speak to him in Filipino.

Let me know if you have any other tips :)

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em said...

Good job Lucas sa dentist! And potty trained!!! Wow. Congrats sa extra shopping money :D Birkin naman!

Medyo matagal pa kami ni Thea ayaw umupo sa potty and she detests having her teeth brushed. I still have to find the most cute and fine toothbrush. So help me God :)