Saturday, March 21, 2009

Munchkin is now 7 Months Old

Lucas turned 7 months old last weekend. Sometimes, we'd just look at him and say, "Ang bilis bilis no? Ang laki na ng baby natin". I guess time really flies when you're having fun :-)

He's having solid food for more than a month now. Here are the stuff that we had him try and his reactions:
  • potato - he makes these gagging sounds often. we never let him have it again.
  • broccoli (Gerber) - to say that he LOVE this one is an understatement. he can have this thrice a day and i am sure he'll never complain. but we're really wondering why he loves this one so much when it doesn't smell that good :-) the smell even prompted JJ to ask if it has gone bad already.
  • carrots (Gerber and homemade) - initially, we had him try the one from the bottle. When we realized that he liked it, we decided to try and do some ourselves. Easy lang naman pala and cheaper pa. Lucas loves carrots too.
  • Sweet potato - he likes camote but not when he eats it consecutively. Gusto niya mga tipong once a day lang. We usually add a little breastmilk to make it runny.
  • Mangoes - I thought he'd love mangoes but he doesn't. I ended up eating the jars of mangoes we prepared for him.
  • Applesauce (Gerber) - never liked it. He'd close his mouth when we try to feed him applesauce. I guess, unlike me, Lucas doesn't like sweet food that much which is good for him.
  • Squash (Gerber and homemade) - he'd eat it once in a while.
  • Avocado - he loves, loves avocadoes :-) magagalit pa yan when you stop feeding him. Hindi talaga mana kay Mommy, I don't eat avocado kasi.Though I taste his avocadoes now to see if they're okay pa.
  • Cerelac - His favorite is the Mixed Vegetable and Soya flavor. But we're trying to lessen his Cerelac intake as JJ thinks that it has lots of sugar.
Lucas loves to put his index finger inside his mouth.

He also loves watching daddy play with his PSP

Mommy loves to think that Lucas looks like her.

But people say that Lucas looks like him.

Whether he looks like dad or mom is not really important, as he's very guwapo as seen here :-) (spoken like a true mommy :-) )
Happy Seventh Month birthday honey. Daddy and Mommy love you much much much :-)


julliefer said...

wow! 7 months na agad. bilis talaga no? kunsabagay si djuan, 2 years old na next month. big boy na. gwapo talaga ni lucas sis. halo na ni ninyo ni jj ung features nya. :)

Joanne MV said...

His gwapo indeed! :)

Daming paiiyakin nyan na girls when his all grown up na ;)