Saturday, February 28, 2009

And We Turned 10!

10 years as a couple, that is :-)

10 years...
---- and we still drive each other crazy
---- and magkaiba pa rin ang "taste" natin
---- and I still try to ignore you when I am mad
---- and you're still so logical I want to pull my hair when we argue
---- and I am still moody
---- and you still go crazy over those Magic cards and I still looove romance novels
---- and you're still the nerd I had a crush on in high school (who also ignored me then, if I may add :-) )
---- and we're still the couple who plans everything... as in everything, if we can.
---- and you're now my husband of more than two years
---- and we are now parents to adorable little Lucas :-)

Happy anniversary daddy! :-) Here's to celebrating many, many more.

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Joanne MV said...

Uy, Belated Anniversary ulit! Ü

In celebration of W@W 10th Anniversary as well...hehehehe, here's a tag to reminisce our W@Wie days -