Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Heart's Day

Lucas had a date with his pedia yesterday so we started our V-day at Asian Hospital. He had his 6-in-1 vaccine. We were all suprised when our little boy just widened his eyes when the shot was administered. Swear! Hindi niya talaga pinansin :-) Dr. Arneil said that his leg didn't even tense. Sanay na ata kasi makagat ng langgam ang anak ko ;-)Doc Arneil patched him up with Donkey.

After Lucas' date, we went to Festival Mall to have lunch and do some grocery shopping. We had lunch at Don Henrico's (newly renovated).Lucas with Lolo Daddy at Don Hen's.

After lunch, we dropped by SaveMore to stock up on baby necessities. Then off we went to Alabang Parts. Our last stop was Red Ribbon where we bought Lucas' cake for his 6th Month birthday.

When we got home, I took these out as Lucas will be using them in the next few days.Oohh, I am so excited for him to try solids na :-)

That's V-day for our little family. Hope you guys spent it with your loved ones too.

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