Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chitchat and Birthdays

Long time, no entry. I noticed that it’s been more than a week since my last kuwento. I’ve been busy lately and I can’t find the time to jot something down and update my blog.

Hmm, so what’s new with me? Baby Lucas is now on his 34th week inside my tummy. I can definitely tell when he’s awake and when he’s asleep. He loves moving around in there and what’s really funny is the fact that he somersaults a lot when I am attending a meeting. Maybe, given my relaxed state, I can feel his movements better but still, it makes me smile whenever I am jolted by one of his kicks during meetings. Our weekly check-ups will start this Friday. We’re also up for an ultrasound to check his position. I am kinda scared of stepping up the weighing scale because I gained 21 lbs already and I don’t wanna overshot the normal weight gain during pregnancy. I’m all for a normal delivery that’s why I am cutting down on sugar and other “bad” food, (including chocolates. Sniff. Sniff).

I so miss you T!

Last Thursday, I met with Sheryl and Aggie and had dinner at Clawdaddy’s in High Street FB. Unfortunately, Laurs was swamped with work so she wasn’t able to meet with us. It was an “expectant mom/ titas” meeting as both She’s and Ag’s sister-in-laws are pregnant. So, in one way or another, all three of us are expecting a baby in the family this year. It was also the first baby shower for Lucas as they both gave me gifts for the little boy. (Thanks again She and Ag).

Sunday was a busy day for us as we had two birthday parties to attend. Good thing Tita Olive’s party is for lunch and Miggy’s party is at 3PM. Tita Olive’s celebration was held at Alba’s Restaurant in Tomas Morato. The food was great and the dessert, oh my, really yummy. They served Brazo de Mercedes, banana cream pie and mango tart. I was able to have a few bites of everything (thank you JJ) and I would have loved to have more but I had to stop since I am trying to reduce my sugar intake. JJ kept on telling me, “Sandali na lang naman. Tiis ka na muna.” It was fun to see Kuya Larry’s little girls again and do they love to pose for pictures J

Cutie pie sisters, Laura Mae and Lily Anne

After lunch, we rushed to Muntinlupa to attend my nephew Miggy’s first birthday party. We arrived just in time for the kiddie party. My sister-in-law prepared the kiddie meals herself and commissioned Queensland Catering for the ‘adult’ food. JJ and I weren’t able to eat that much as we were still full from the buffet we had at lunch. But I had the chance to taste the food when I had dinner. I loved the liempo and the chicken pastel dishes.

The guapito birthday boy, Juan Miguel.

And that is how our weekend went by. Oh, and one last thing, Baby Lucas got a gift again that day. My Tita Blyn bought a Graco Play Pen for him. (Thanks Lola Tita By).

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