Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Shower

My bestfriends Veej and Rhex organized a baby shower for us and it was held last Saturday at Veej's place in Paranaque. It was a fun afternoon for us (it's been a while since we last saw each other). I was planning to wait for the pictures taken from Rhex's and Veej's cameras before posting anything about it, but I cannot wait na so I posted pictures taken from our camera in our Multiply site's Photo section. I will just upload the pictures from Rhex and Veej when I get them. (Hopefully soon :-) ).

Before going to the party, we dropped by Shopwise to buy their grilled chicken and their yummy chocolate cupcakes. A little addition lang to the goodies that Veej prepared for the event. We were greeted by Veej and Rhex upon arriving. I was also informed that some of my friends cannot make it to the party (expected since I already had my first shower, courtesy of Sheryl and Agnes). My sister and Tita Blyn (if you guys are reading this, you better make it up to me somehow.. :-)... seriously) weren't able to attend because of work. The party's been rescheduled thrice, I think, and given all of Veej's and Rhex's efforts, sayang if we will not be able to have the party dahil nanganak na ako :-) So, Veej and I agreed that we will push through with it July 19th, kahit na it will just be me, JJ, Veej and her hubby, Ben.

When we entered Veej's place, there's no doubt that the party is for me. Everywhere I look, there is something purple (hands down, my fave color). A touch of mint green was added to the motif. My inaanak Pong's old baby clothes were also on display as decor for the party. Moving into the dining area, napa-wow ako when I saw the purple/mint green diaper cake made by Veej. It is sooooo cute :-) Natuwa rin ako when I saw that Veej posted "LUCAS" in big letters sa may kitchen area.
After taking pictures, we started sampling the yummy food Veej prepared. Rhex brought baked pasta and it worked well with the pimiento sandwiches, nachos with salsa, sour cream and cheese and barbeque that Veej prepared. Ninang Vicky also made this yummy Asian pomelo salad for us. She even baked brownies for dessert :-) Food trip talaga kami palagi whenever we visit their place (no wonder, madalas dito kami nakatambay since high school).

While eating, Ate Laine, her hubby Jogoy and my dear friend Vanj arrived. Siempre, napahaba ang kainan and kuwentuhan session. We were laughing most of the time! I had lots of mommy-to-be questions for already-moms Veej and Vanj. Like, how will I know ba if I am in labor na? What to do when this happens? Etc. etc. The two were happy to share ideas and things that worked for them during pregnancy and tips on how to take care of a newborn baby. May side discussion rin on house hunting as Ate Laine & Jogoy and Rhex are all on the look-out for a place to call their own home.

Elmo and my 35-weeks tummy.After eating, we played a game wherein a baby doll would have to be dressed up. Easy right? But the catch is, only one hand per person will be used during the game. Of course, JJ and I were paired, newlyweds Ate Laine and Jogoy were another pair and Vanj and Rhex made up pair number 3. It looks easy but given the limitation of using just one hand, mejo nahirapan kami ni JJ sa start. Our baby Elmo pa makes this cute sound whenever we pressed his chest too hard kaya usually, nagugulat ako during the game. Eventually, we won the game (ewan lang if pinagbigyan nila kami since kami yung celebrants).Of course, the party will not be complete without opening the gifts for Baby Lucas. Thanks thanks to Eunice, Ate Laine, Jogoy and Vanj for attending the party and for the gifts you gave our little boy. Thanks to Rhex and specially Veej & Ben (babawi kami promise! So work on baby no. 2 na :-) ) for the fun, fun baby shower. Thanks also to Ninang Vicky for having us in her house once again.

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