Friday, July 18, 2008

35th Week

Baby and I had our regular check up earlier today and Dra. De Guia performed an ultrasound to check our little boy's position and to see how he's doing in my tummy.

  • Biparietal Diameter - 9 cm - 36 weeks 4 days
  • Head Circumference - 32 cm - 36 weeks 0 days
  • Abd. Circumference - 31.1 cm - 35 weeks 0 days
  • Femoral Length - 7.2 cm - 36 weeks 4 days
  • Ave. Ultrasonic Age 36 weeks
  • Estimated Fetal Weight - 2753 grams or 6 Lbs 1 Oz

When she saw my tummy, OB said that I seem to be carrying a small baby because my bump is not that pronounced. However, when the ultrasound started, she said na my baby's big daw :-) She even said "Sigurado ka ba na 35 weeks ka lang? :-) ". Baby's bone measurements kasi are one week off the mark. Siempre, worry naman ako because I was really watching my food intake para hindi masyado big si baby. But the doctor said that it's really our boy's bone structure with matching "saka malalaki naman kayong tao na mag-asawa eh." Imagine, stop na ako on sugar niyan ha? Paano pa kaya kung hindi ako tumigil sa sweets? I also found out why my back and hips are aching these days. I am carrying a 6lbs-baby na pala. Since everything is a-okay, instead of coming back for a check up next week, we'll see our OB again in two weeks time. The next time daw, may admitting letter na ako na baon when we go home. Hay. Homestretch na talaga. And speaking of stretch, may lumabas na several stretch marks in my lower tummy. I guess I'm really meant to have them since I was religious in applying body butter naman.

We also purchased a "My Little Bed" co-sleeper for Lucas. We've been choosing between these three kinds:

My Little Bed

Snuggle Nest

First Years

First Years and My Little Bed were both available in SM. We were initially thinking of getting the First Years brand but when hubby saw that it has no bolster pillows, napaisip na siya. He thinks that the one with the pillows is more safe for baby. And we also read some reviews stating that limiting factor sa length of use yung parang harang sa may feet area. Snuggle Nest sana okay rin kasi walang harang, but wala sa SM and I cannot find online sellers. So, it was down to "My Little Bed". Suwerte rin because when we decided na we'll be buying it na, clearance sale sa SM and we got it at 50% off. Not bad

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