Thursday, July 15, 2010

A month away from his second birthday

Lucas turns 23 months today! Whew! In a month, our little guy will turn two years old. Sniff. Sniff. I know it's such a cliche' but really, how fast time flies.

Here's a couple of Lucas's pics:
At Isabel's 1st Birthday Party

Hi Mom! Lucas watching the games for adults

Obviously, starstruck! He kept on pointing at him and shouting his name but he refused to go near Jollibee.


With daddy and with mommy...

Choo-choo train at Festival Mall

At a family dinner

  • "A" = apple, "B" = B, "C" = coo-coo (for cookie), "D" = Da, "E" = egg, "P" = P, "R"=R
  • Can count from 1-5, when he's in the mood. Can fill in the next number until number 10 (Thanks Tita Nice for patiently teaching Lucas)
  • Says the following words and uses them in the right context: Mommy, Daddy, Lolo, Lola, Ate, Danel (Daniel), Cwaker (Cracker), Yumyum, Up, Joo (juice), Igs (Migs), Bath, No, Ya, Cake, Cream (ice cream), egg, bread, jump, book, please (pwease), swim, etc. (forgot the other words na but he says a lot. he also imitates the words from his tv shows (Dora, Thomas, Sesame Street). Lolo G often calls him a myna bird.
  • Can identify the following animals and can say what they are aloud: dog, nyaw (cat), rabbit, frog (fwog), mouse, duck, pig, ipi (ipis or ladybug, ipi tawag niya :) ), elephant (elepa). He barks when he sees dogs and says "Nyaw!" when he sees cats.
  • Imitates actions
  • When he hears people call our household help "'day", he calls them Day too instead of his usual "Ate"
  • He sometimes calls his daddy, "J" and calls me "Chie" when he hears people calling me by name.
  • One day, he was writing on a paper. When we asked him what he's drawing, he replied, "Ipi" (ipis). Believe me, his scribble was nowhere near an actual ipis :)
  • He loves Thomas the Train. He'd eat, sleep, take a bath, travel, etc. with his trains. We love buying trains for him because his face lights up with delight when we show him his pasalubong.

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