Friday, July 2, 2010

I Love Breaking Dawn

I started reading Eclipse a few months ago but after three chapters of Bella and Edward professing their love and saying they cannot live without each other every time the opportunity presents itself, I decided to put it back in the shelf and moved on to another book. Hubby was insistent that I continue reading as the mushy parts will give way to the exciting parts of the book soon after the third chapter. I only conceded when I saw the Eclipse Movie trailer and saw a group of vampires and asked, "Ano yan J? May army of vampires?". And his reply was, "Tagal ko na sinasabi sa iyo na basahin mo na kasi ulit..". And so I did. And finished it in two days.

As all you Twilight fans know, you just cannot put the third book down and not want to start on Breaking Dawn and see how it will all end. This one I also finished in two days. It was just so hard to put down!!! For me the fourth book is the best. Meyer did a great job in developing the story in the past three books. It was marvelous how she made everything work out in the end.

I cannot wait for the two-part movie...

As for Eclipse the Movie, hubby and I will try to find time for it. But maybe by next week. We're banking on a lesser movie house crowd :) I cannot blame those who wanted to see it ASAP and endure long lines though. If everything went on as in the book, I am sure the movie is all worth the long wait.


ivymarasigan said...

really worth the long lines! have seen it twice already. will watch it again soon!. can't wait to see Breaking Dawn.

Nicole said...

Hi Chie, I must say I've never read any of the books but haven't missed the movies. Now I think I'll finally buy the set but start with Breaking Dawn first.

Chie Vallesteros said...

Hi Nicole :)

Haha! Yeah, puede naman since you watched the three movies na. I was not disappointed. It was really hard to put down.