Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HRH Prince George of Cambridge

Yup, a follower here. My husband was rolling his eyes whenever I'd switch the channel to CNN or BBC to get royal baby updates. In the middle of the night, while nursing my son no less. My Royal "interest" began when I got hold of my Lola Ima's biography of the late Princess Diana. My Lola was one of Lady Di's biggest fans (she called Camilla "Kabayo" back then). When she's home, she'd bring her stash of People magazines with snippets about Lady Di. And we'd gossip (well, she'll talk and I'd listen) about Diana updates as if we knew her personally.

Fast forward to 2011 and I was one of the many who felt great interest on the details of the royal wedding. I mean, come on, this is as close as we can get to a modern day fairy tale. A future king marrying a commoner, for love! Important to note though that almost all heirs to European royal houses are married to "commoners". Denmark's Prince Frederick is married to Australian Mary Donaldson, Netherlands' Queen Maxima is from Argentina, Spain's Crown Princess Letizia is a former newscaster, Norway's Queen-in-Waiting is also a commoner. Let's not forget Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden who married her one-time trainor. Monaco's Prince Albert married Charlene, a South African Olympian. And the list goes on and on....

But I digress, last week, royal watchers all over the world were agog when Kensington Palace confirmed that Duchess Kate was admitted at St. Mary's, early signs of labor. I am sure a lot were also tuned in to CNN or BBC to get updates. I was! And I am not even from a Commonwealth country.

And so, everyone was pleased when after a looong wait, the Duke and Duchess introduced their newborn son, Prince George Alexander Louis to the world. Here are pictures from
The new Mum and Dad
The little boy who, according to Prince Charles, will most probably be called "Georgie" at one point
Kate, showing how a woman looks like a day after giving birth
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