Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Milestone

... and NOT the good milestone kind.

Monday: Lucas had a small mosquito bite-like thing near his upper lip. I decided not to put anything on it because it is quite near his lips and whatever I put on the bite might accidentally find its way inside his mouth. My big mistake here was not warning him NEVER EVER to touch it.

Tuesday: I came home from the office and Lolo G reported two things: (1) Lucas has a swollen left cheek and (2) Lucas Felipe, one of his friends from school, punched him on the cheek. I was honestly a bit hesitant to believe him because Lucas Felipe seems like a sweet boy when I met him and well, he's a lot smaller than my Lucas. I already suspected that the swelling might be from the bite.

Wednesday: Just to confirm, we brought Lucas to school to talk to his teacher. For one, I am thinking that if someone punches Lucas, my son probably provoked him. If not, then the teacher should talk to the other boy's parents to inform them of their son's behavior. When we talked to his teacher, we were assured that no punching happened. They probably were just playing. My son, in a separate conversation, confirmed this. (Oh, how I felt was worthy of another post). If no punching happened, the swelling must be because of the bite. To cut the long story short, Lucas, JJ and I ended up waiting at the school clinic for the pedia. After the check-up, we were asked if we can see his pedia that day. Cannot do because his pedia does not have clinic hours on Wednesdays. She told us to go to the ER and that the doctors there will call our pedia anyway. NO EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER. We brought Lucas back to class and Lolo G just brought Lucas to our cousin pedia after lunch that day. Ate Mai prescribed antibiotics but Kuya Larry said that if the swelling increases, we must bring him to the ER asap.

Thursday:  By 1:30 AM, we woke Lucas up for his medicines. We weren't sure if the swelling increased so we just packed up and decided to bring him to the ER. When the doctor-on-duty saw him, confinement was her immediate recommendation saying that the swelling was within the dangerous triangle zone sorrounding the nose area and that infections there might affect the brain :-( Quite scary stuff. So, Lucas was admitted in the hospital for the first time. Preparing him for IV treatment was really challenging (there were 3 nurses plus me and JJ) but everything was a breeze from there. What's positive here was that apart from the swelling, Lucas was his old self. Chatty, malikot and he still eats.

Friday:   Still under observation. Not much change in the swelling on his face. I guess medicines were yet to take effect by this time.

Saturday: An ENT was sent by his pedia. He recommended that the abscess be removed via incision (minor surgery). Due to our son's age (resistance, possibility of trauma), the procedure will be done while Lucas is under general anesthesia. We weighed the pros and cons of having the abscess removed surgically and if we just let it run its course naturally. The doctors we consulted said that the best option really is to have it removed surgically. This will mean faster healing for my son.

Sunday:  By 9 AM, we were already at the surgery area. JJ accompanied him inside and he was only sent out after Lucas fell asleep, before the surgery began. The procedure lasted for less than an hour. When Lucas was inside the recovery room already, JJ called and asked me to go to the recovery area as Lucas was looking for me. I was happy to see my baby and I guess he was glad Mommy's there because he stopped being fuzzy and fell asleep after a few minutes.
8:58 PM Sunday: My son ate his dinner already and is happily watching Thomas videos on his daddy's Ipad. I am really glad the minor surgery was over and that we'll probably be discharged tomorrow :-)

Funny Lucas Moments

We had to measure his wiwi and we were a given a cup to use. The first time he made wiwi in the cup he said, "Mommy, I will not drink that....".  :-)

When my dad asked him if he wanted  to go home already he said, "Uhmm, no Lolo...". (Lagot. Mukhang hindi na namin puedeng ipantakot ang hospital stay whenever he doesn't want to take his medicines...)

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