Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lucas's First Day in School

To my delight, Lucas's first day in school was a complete success :) There was a little challenge when the little boy refused to wear his shoes and leave the bed while repeatedly chanting, "I am still sleepy Mom...". I just gave him a few minutes and proceeded to the task of putting his shoes on. After that, he was okay and gamely ate his cereals for breakfast.

Lola's garden. While waiting for his school bus.

He got his lunch box at Alexa's birthday party last weekend. The front sticker says "Girl Power". But he likes it more than his Cars lunch box so we let him use it. JJ just placed Thomas and Friends stickers all over to make it, err, more manly.

I rode with him in the schoolbus as we want him to get used to it. JJ just followed in our car. We got in school early but lots of little kids were there with us waiting.  In fact, we were sorrounded by little kids saying hi to their classmates. They looked excited to be back in school (which I think is a good thing). It was nice to note that the place was pretty secure with a very nice ladyguard looking after the kiddos.

The preschool area opened at 7AM and Lucas's Teacher Millet was in their classroom already. To test our little boy, we left Lucas to his teacher's care though we can stay for a while longer. He was completely alright when we left and said goodbye without tears :) Yey! I was honestly prepared to bribe my way out of a dramatic goodbye scene (capsule Thomas was ready!).

We had breakfast nearby while waiting for his class to end. I kept on asking JJ if he thinks Lucas is doing fine. I think he wanted to roll his eyes when I asked the same question twice or thrice during the meal :)

And come 9AM, our boy's smiling face tells us that the day went splendidly. Whew! We survived the first day :)

Here he is on our ride home.

We're so proud of you little boy.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Lucas!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Lucas!