Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thomas and Friends CapsuleToys

or Gashapon as I believe they are also called.

It will be an understatement if I say that Lucas likes Thomas and Friends. Obsessed is more like it! But the toy lover in my husband indulges our son's love of toys. Apart from the Plarail and wooden series, Lucas also loves to play with those small Thomas wind-up toys that come in capsules.

 Wind up Thomas, James, Scruffey, Annie and several trucks

 Wind up Percy and Plarail Duncan

Plarail Percy and Wind up Percy

Some of Lucas's wind up toys: Dodge, Hiro, Percy, Bertie the Bus, Percy, Annie, boats and Kevin

As you know, getting the nice toys from the machine comes with a bit of luck and well, trying so many times. For this reason, we have lots of excess characters including:
1 James
1Thomas with snowplow
4 Annie
2 Scruffey
1 Toad
1 Bertie the Bus
1 Turntable (from another series)
1 Kevin (crane)
Several track accessories (tunnel, tracks, etc.)

In case you are collecting too and have lots of excess characters , let me know. We'd be more than willing to trade if you guys have something that we do not have yet (which is a lot! andami palang iba-ibang series). If you want to buy, we also sell at cost :)

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