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Hong Kong: Day 2

Day 2: HK Disneyland

Our hostel is very near the TST MTR station. Two buildings away lang, MTR station na. We went to HK Disney via MTR. At first, I was really hesitant for my mom since naka-wheelchair nga siya. Good thing I asked Ate Lina (Pinay staff in our hostel) about it. Worried ako since walang lift yung nearest MTR exit sa hostel and there’s no indicator sa maps kung san located ang lifts. Ate Lina showed me where the lift going to the MTR station is and assured me that all MTR stations have lifts. It was so easy and no hassle at all :) We arrived at Disney without a sweat. And the locals are very considerate. They’d let my mom go in/ go out of the train first and they’d move to give my parents space. Another thing, sa train, I usually carry Lucas going in and walang palya, when there's no seat available, someone will give up his/her seat for me and Lucas :)

1.     Kakaiba ang weather sa HK when we went to Disney. Humid and hot. So  if you are going there around the same time (August), bring lots of shirts for the kids and you, an umbrella and kung may handy fan kayo, bring it na rin. Bring water rin since hindi naman mahigpit sa Disneyland. Mahal din ang water dun. There is a water refilling station in Adventureland. I don’t know lang where pa yung iba.
2.     Rent a stroller if you did not bring yours. Mahirap maglakad-lakad lalo na pagod na si kiddo. Just put a towel or lampin as lining sa stroller. Parang plastic material kasi eh and makakadagdag pa sa init. If I remember right, HK60 ang rent plus HK200 na deposit.
3.     Several rides have a fast pass. Get fast passes rather than lining up. At least you will not waste time lining up. Puedeng ikot ikot muna then go back when it’s your fast pass time na. Ang dami, as in ang daming tao sa Disney this time compared nung first time namin ni hubby (December 2007). I guess summer break kasi nila don?
4.     If you are with a big group, better to separate kasi iba iba kayo malamang ng gustong puntahan/rides. What we did was to agree on a place where we will meet. As in kung  hindi tayo magkita-kita the whole day, dito tayo magkikita ng ganitong time para sabay tayo umuwi. We just ensured lang na minimal yung time na alone lang umikot sina Daddy (I think nag-solo lang sila when my mom got sleepy and chose to rest in one area).
5.     Check out the schedule of the shows. Then schedule your rides around those times.

Funny hirits of my nephew Matty:
At Disney, tiempo nandun sila sa area where Mickey and Minnie do visitor greets and pic taking:
SIL: Uy, sina Mickey at Minnie. Picture tayo. Pila pila.
Matty: Ma, ayan na sila oh. Kita mo na sila. Picturan mo na! Wag na pumila. Ang init  init eh...
*Oo nga naman, kita na sila eh :) * Ayaw na niya ng picture na kayakap sila.

At Disney pa rin, they passed by the teacup ride (itong ride na ito, hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit blockbuster na blockbuster. Sa lahat ng daan namin sa kanya, laging mahaba ang pilya. As in mahaba)
SIL: Gusto ninyo sumakay? Tara, pumila tayo...
Matty: Ay wag na. Meron naman  niyan sa Pilipinas eh. Dun na lang tayo sa mga shows Mommy. Malamig pa.
*Wala nga naman Golden Mickeys at Festival of the Lion King sa Enchanted Kingdom. In fairness, silang mag-anak ang halos na-complete yung rides and shows.

At Sogo Mall near HK Museum of Arts. Nagpapalipas oras kami since matagal pa ang Symphony of Lights Show. Since humid at mainit, we decided na better kung ikot ikot na lang kami sa mall.
Matty: Tita, puede ba bumili na kayo? Pagod na pagod na ako eh. Kanina pa tayo ikot ng ikot dito. Bumili na kayo para makaupo naman tayo.
*Oops.. sorry po :) 

 With Kuya Matty: Lucas' first train ride

 Just arrived at one of the happiest places on earth

 Rented a stroller for the little guy

 At the parade

 Hay. Haba ng pila. When it was Lucas' turn, ayaw na niya. Okay, so si Daddy at Mommy na lang :)

Nasulit ang pagkuha ng fast passes

 Hot and humid sa labas. Solution? Visit all the souvenir shops. Then park the stroller kung may space. At least mahaba ang nap ni Lucas.

 Disney Princesses. Where is Princess Tiana?

 Love the colors
 My boys

 My parents. Taking a break from all that heat...

 Pinays in It's a Small World..


 Kaya siguro nagkalagnat the day after, pawis pawis then nagbasa...

 with Holly Shiftwell

The castle at night
JJ's turn

 Lucas with Lolo Popsy and Lola Momsy

Mickey Mouse Waffle...

 Reasons why I love this trip. (kasama yung kumuha ng picture, yung mga nagkokodakan sa may Disney entrance at yung mga nasa Tung Chung Outlet nang mga panahong ito)
 rare family shot

 at Sunny Bay station. Uwian na :)

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