Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Angels in our Family

A long drive was the order of the day yesterday when we trooped to Pampanga to attend my 3-month old nephew Enzo's christening. He is such a big boy now :) It is amazing how fast little boys like him fill up.

Here are snapshots of Lolo Popsy and Lola Momsy's grandsons...
Julian Matthew - MATTY

Juan Miguel - MIGGY

Lucas Ethan - LUCAS

Luis Jacob - LUIS

Lorenzo Macarius - ENZO

Popsy's been badgering us (his married children) to work on his granddaughter :) Haha! as if it's that easy...

The reception was held at Cabalen's in Robinson's Starmills in San Fernando. Buffet again. JJ and I probably gained five lbs. each with all that eat-all-you-can thing the past weekend :)

There's a mall-wide sale the same day so the family checked out the stores. Mom and Chissa loved the Mango and Plains & Prints outlet stores. Mom enjoyed shopping and was kind enough to buy tops for me and my sister. Thanks Mom :)

It was indeed a fattening weekend :) More please.... 


Antônio Araújo said...

Amazing... God bless you!

clarice said...

sis, ganda ng names ng mga kids sa family niyo! :) i also have a nephew nicknamed Miggy pero joaquin miguel naman. :)

Chie Vallesteros said...

Hi Clarice :)

Ehem ehem. Ako ang nagbigay ng names ni Matty and Miggy :) requirement lang ng brother and SIL ko eh J and M ang start ng names. Siempre, mega-isip naman ang stage tita. Kaya lang nung preggy na ako with Lucas, naisip ko na gusto ko pala sobra yung name na "Julian" hahahaha :) ayan, napamigay ko na. pero ok lang kasi loves ko naman sobra yung mga nephew ko. Nice ng name na Miguel. I like it kasi bagay siya kahit anong age.