Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year!

The holidays breezed by so quickly I cannot believe it's been 11 days since my last working day for the year. It has been a busy two weeks, with several weddings on top of Christmas, our third anniversary and the New Year.

As usual, Christmas and New Year's Eve were spent with my parents at our home in Muntinlupa while Christmas and New Year's were spent with the Vallesteros' :-) Lucas had a grand time opening one gift after the other. For kids in the family, Santa came to the house more than once this Christmas.

With all the happenings for Christmas, JJ and I decided to have a low key celebration for our 3rd anniversary. Initially, the plan was to have buffet lunch at the Bellevue in Alabang. But JJ thought that it will be difficult given that we won't be leaving our little boy behind. So, it was Pepper Lunch for me, daddy, Lucas and Lolo G :-)

Lucas also had his first visit to the dentist before the year ended. The findings: he had an advanced stage of dental carries probably brought about by his milk. The dentist told us that Lucas will need to have either root canal! (heart attack! for Mommy) or have his teeth pulled out. Given his age, we just have to delay the spread of the carries as much as we can. before resorting to the two options previously mentioned. We will also be seeking a second dental opinion as given his age, we are leaning towards not saving his milk teeth vis-a-vis the possible trauma of root canal/ tooth extraction not to mention the risks involved in sedating him at that age. Hay.

I will post pictures of our holidays next time. 'Til then. Have a blessed 2010 everyone :-)

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