Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lucas' 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Munchkin's first birthday at Shakey's in Shopwise Sucat. Despite the SLEX traffic, we're thankful that our loved ones were there to celebrate the day with us.

Lucas - we just arrived at Shakey's

The birthday boy dressed-up for his big day

Lola Mami and Lucas checking out the place and the party items.

Family snapshot before the guests started arriving.

Chocolate Fountain.
This is sort of a DIY project for us. Ate Michelle (Lucas' godmother and hubby's cousin) lent us the chocolate fountain. We just bought the chocolate fondue syrup (melted and ready to use) at Chocolate Lover's in QC with fruits and pastries as dippings. Voila! Chocolate fountain station na :-) As predicted, it was a hit with everyone. Lucas' cake from Goldilock's.
Before Lucas blew his birthday candle

With Lola Mami and Lolo Dadi

Lucas with Lolo Pops and Lola Momsy

Thanks to Tita Nice for taking photos and Tito Patchu for being the videographer :-)

Happy Birthday Lucas :-) We hope you had fun. Love you.


Joanne MV said...

Pogi pogi talaga ni Lucas :)

Louela said...

so cute!!! kung natuloy na Lucas din ang name ni Kjyl.. super meeting of the minds tayo sis.. Shakey's (Las Pinas.. naman) din si Lucas.. errr.. Kjyl ko (pala).. with same theme (dapat).. supposedly country farm... ang nilagay.. space theme (at hindi ko napansin, sa pictures na lang. hahaha!).. ang katuwa sa atin.. ikaw ang cake si buzz (space konek dabah.. hehehe) w/ farm theme.. kami naman farm cake w/ space theme.. hahaha!! sorry.. i cant help laughing here.. katuwa.. hope we could meet up soon.. ;o)

your so pretty in pink!

-Lui, ur n@wie sis (wala po blogsite.. nakibasa lang)