Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 11th Month Birthday Munchkin!

Our little boy is now 11 months old :-)

11th Month Update:
1. He has five teeth already and he lets me clean his tongue and teeth with a soft cloth and cold water.
2. He loves the song "I have two hands.. [yun ba title nito?]" taught by Lola Mami and Tita Nice. He imitates their actions pa. Whenever he puts his hands up, it's a sign that Lola should sing na :-)
3. He loves spaghetti and bread. He even eats ampalaya! He doesn't eat baby food na and prefers table food. A few weeks ago, everyone laughed when he pushed his Gerber Broccoli away [ his favorite since his 6th month] and pointed at the viand on the table.
4. He signs "milk" and "more"[when prodded but he usually makes this impatient sound when he wants more of something]
5. He understands the concept of "No" but wouldn't always follow.
6. He can say "dede","dodo", "dada", "a-te" (usually just "te"), "ti-ta" (usually just "ta"), "ti-to" (once), "mamam" [for water], "papa", "mama" [only when he has a problem :-)]. Whenever I tell him, "Lucas, say Mama", he'd say "Dada! Dada!" with a smile on his face. Feeling ko he does this intentionally :-)
7. He points to the door whenever he wants to go out of the house. He'd point pa left or right pag nasa may gate na :-) Just ask him "Where?" or "San tayo pupunta?".
8. He can stand on his own na for a few seconds and walks when he's holding on to something [like the shelves near our bed and when he's on his playpen]

Happy Birthday anak. Thank you for bringing joy into our lives. Daddy and Mommy love you much much :-)


Joanne MV said...

An award for you sis - :)

jan celiz-magtoto said...

light a candle for corazon aquino HERE.