Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Update :-)

We are on our 12th week of pregnancy already. JJ and I saw our baby again (via US) on our 10th week. We were overwhelmed na naman as our baby keeps on moving during the ultrasound, which even prompted our OB to say “hala, sige, swimming ng swimming”. Tuwang-tuwa kaming mag-asawa. I just find it amazing that tiny as our baby is (at 3.63 cm), move siya ng move. Here’s a shot from our latest ultrasound.

Everything was normal on our last ultrasound and check up but I had spotting a few days after. I just noticed a light, light brown discharge na wala pang 1 drop. Di ko pa sana papansinin, buti na lang I mentioned it to JJ and he told me to call OB the next day to ask kung ok lang yun. When I spoke with our doctor, mejo natakot na ako kasi she told me to have someone get the prescription from her clinic asap as I have to take Duvadillan and Duphaston to be on the safe side. I’ve been taking the medicines for almost two weeks now and I plan to visit OB again this Wednesday to have everything checked again. I’ve had the same very light brown colored discharge thrice the past days kasi and I want to be sure that everything is ok. I just realized that it is quite difficult for first time moms kasi I, for one, do not know what to expect. What is normal ba? And what is not? So, it is really always a matter of being safe rather than be sorry later (Tawag agad kay OB). Thankfully, I never had any bleeding naman, so far. And hopefully everything will be alright until I give birth in August. Please, please pray for our continued health.

On a lighter note, now pa lang, excited na kami to be parents. Whenever nag-iinisan kme ni JJ, I would always say “Baby, si daddy oh…” and ang magaling kong asawa ibubulong naman sa tummy ko “Baby, tayo ang kampi paglabas mo.” J I noticed din that my husband really goes out of his way to do stuff for me these days. Tagabili ko siya lagi ng kung ano-ano and my opening line is always “labs, gusto daw ni baby ng……” and he always goes with me sa mga lakad ko (ala-personal driver). Hehe J Medyo mahigpit lang talaga siya on stuff na I have to eat less of (like softdrinks, coffee, chocolates, bagoong (which I love talaga with hilaw na mangga but now ripe na lang kinakain ko), junk food and other salty food. Understandable naman and for baby naman so ok lang (kahit mahirap talaga to control minsan). And I am again thankful that I am lucky enough to have such wonderful in-laws. My dad-in-law always buys me fruits and magtatanong pa yan kung may gusto akong kainin. There was even a time na sinamahan niya ako humanap ng halo-halo (which I love to eat these days). My mom-in-law naman was really concerned when she heard na I had spotting and was asking me to consider dropping-out from grad school (for the term lang naman) or even resigning from work, if I had to. Dapat daw first concern lagi si baby (and I agree naman). My parents naman are also excited and well, a little worried. My dad picks me up from the office these days para I won’t have to commute from work whenever JJ is on shift. My mom naman keeps on texting me stuff like drink milk, vitamins, etc. etc. Wala lang, I am just happy that everyone is as excited as JJ and I sa pagdating ni baby. Kaya nga I always tell my baby to keep on being healthy kasi now pa lang ang dami ng excited sa pagdating niya J

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