Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Greatest Gift

JJ and I celebrated our first year anniversary last December 28, 2007. It is also the same day that we received the greatest Christmas/Anniv gift that a couple can get. We’re pregnant J

Two home pregnancy tests yielded positive results on the day of our anniversary. We kept it to ourselves first and agreed to tell our families and friends after my check-up, which I had scheduled the next day.

My check-up the next day confirmed that I was 6 weeks pregnant. Our baby already has a heartbeat ( a good sign according to our doctor J ). Given that our baby is just a teeny weeny .34 cm, seeing the heartbeat was amazing. We are so thrilled!

My EDD is on August 24, 2008. Please pray for our health and a safe delivery J

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Eric & Alma said...

congrats sis(another n@wie here)! we were also blessed with the same gift on our first wedding anniversary. Our bundle of joy is now 1 year and 6 months :)