Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chie's Birthday Weekend

Just turned 27 last Friday (weird because I feel no different when I was just 18!). My birthday started with a 5AM call from my husband JJ (who was on the 10PM-6AM shift), an early breakfast at a hotel in Dumaguete and an 8:15AM flight to Manila. My day ended with an exam in Calculus (this exam ruined my day but that will be another story). I didn't really get to celebrate my birthday on the 26th but I knew this was going to happen due to my scheduled midterms (6-9PM, so tell me, what else could I have lined up for the day after the exam?). Even so, I was elated with the number of people who remembered my birthday this year. I was really touched that even friends from abroad (yes, chi donato, that is you :-) ) and friends I haven't seen for quite some time sent me birthday greetings. Nakakatuwa :-) It just made me feel special. My Mom (even if I wasn't there in our house in Muntinlupa) prepared noodles (for long life) and cake for my special day. My in-laws also made pancit and chicken at home, which JJ and I feasted on when I got home from La Salle.

It was also my Lola Ima's birthday who would have been 81 years old if she were alive (I specially miss her on my birthdays as we usually celebrate together). Oh well, at least she's with my Gramps now.

On the 27th, JJ and I prepared my bday lunch. We had Penne in Marinara Sauce, Mojo Potatoes, Vegetable Salad, Roasted Chicken, Pork Belly and Black Gulaman. I got the Marinara sauce and the mojo potatoes recipes online. Everyone was telling us that the sauce tasted like Sbarro's red sauce (JJ's really good in adding spices and making the stuff I cook taste much, much better) :-) We bought the roasted chicken and the pork belly from Shopwise (Yummy! and beats having to roast the chicken yourself). We had dinner at my parent's house with the same food that we prepared for lunch.

Also had the chance to see my nephew Miguel again. He sure have grown a lot since I last saw him about two weeks ago. He has chubby cheeks now and he loves to talk :-) Pic below was taken while Miggy was napping. Maybe we'll have our little one when I celebrate my 28th bday next year. Maybe, hopefully :-)

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