Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kuya and his new "playroom"

Our main reason for moving to our new home is the need for more space. With our second baby boy coming in a few months, the stroller, car seat , play pen, my rocking chair and tons of other baby-related stuff would have to be unpacked. Also, we wouldn't want to displace Kuya just 'cause we have a new baby. We prefer to stay as a unit in one room. So, we moved...

Kuya loves our new place and he'd be the first one to say "Let's go home to the building..." whenever we are out of the house. I think the main reason he adores the new place is his new "play room".

The "play room" is actually our second bedroom. Since Ate prefers to sleep in the living room at night, the second room became a storage place for all his toys and our other stuff.
See here? He used all the available space in the room for his train tracks.

With his latest creation

He told me it was a building :-)
We're glad Lucas adjusted quite well with the move. JJ was worried that he'd have a difficult time adjusting to the new place. Thank heavens for Thomas and Friends, they made his transition seamless.
Oh! He sleeps on his own bed now :-) Still in our room but at least that's a little move towards his "independence".

Sunday, April 7, 2013

SBCA: Sto. Nino Day Celebration

Lucas with SBCA's Nursery Class dancing to the tune of Bahay Kubo and portions of E-heads' Toyang. Yes, hindi sila sabay sabay but that didn't make them less adorable :-)
This is Take 2 already. Take 1 is for the parents to watch the presentation and Take 2 is for documentation. 

 Lucas Ethan with Lucas Felipe

Lucas with Germaine

 We're so happy because Lucas danced during both takes :-) Family Day last year, he only participated during the first take and sat and played with his classmates during the second take.
 Our cutie pie

With Daddy

With Mommy