Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Proud Momma Moment

Lucas was playing with his toys outside our bedroom. Said toys were initially in a big plastic box. He was taking them out one by one and understandably, after a while every piece was out of the box and scattered on the floor. Lucas was having fun so I let him be. I went inside our bedroom and set up my computer where I can still keep an eye on Lucas while he's playing. One minute he was playing with his toys, next minute, he was jumping up and down on our bed. Surprised, I asked him if he's done playing and if Mommy can put his toys inside the plastic box already. He replied, "Cover Mommy, cover". When I looked outside, my heart stopped. The toys were inside the plastic  box already! Everything was inside, not one single toy was left lying on the floor. And all this he did without me asking him to. Wow. Proud and touched, I hugged him and said "Thank you" and praised him for doing such a good job of storing his toys. Kaya pala he was saying "cover", because that is all that's left for me to do. Cover the box :)


Friday, November 12, 2010

The Big 3-0

Yup, JJ and I just turned a year older. Here are snapshots of our birthdays:
 Looks can be deceiving. This chocolate cake from Shopwise looks simple but believe me, it's so yummy. Moist and soft. All for P300++.
 My boys.

Eugene and Eunice celebrated their birthdays by having a swimming party at Eugene's condo.

 Little Lucas loves to swim.


 Lucas found a new toy 

 My cake - from Mom and Dad. Yeah, I was craving for Smores then...

 Wiser at 30?

 Our little cake lover

 See? Kailangan may QA

 Yummy Mommy :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Conversations with Lucas

While watching the Spongebob episode where Gary ran away from home...
Lucas: Mommy, where find Gary?
Mommy: Hmmm, I dunno....
Lucas (looking under our bed): Gary! Gary! Gary!
He went on to look for "Gary" outside the bedroom. I followed in his wake, explaining to everyone in the house who Gary is and why Lucas is looking for him :) We moved to Bikini Bottom na pala.

While playing...
Lucas: Mommy, say ahhhhh
Mommy (opening my mouth wide, showing him my teeth): AHHHHHHHH
Lucas: Oooh, shark! shark!