Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still Alive :-)

Yup. Was just being a bad blogger....

I've been busy these days, that's why. Lucas is at this stage where whenever he sees me, he automatically becomes my shadow. I can't eat, I can't go to the toilet without him making a big fuss. Hay, it's hard I tell you but I am pretty sure this will pass soon so I might as well treasure the days when he simply can't be without Mama when he sees me.

I checked out the Guess, Mossimo and Mango Sale yesterday and I am so glad I went there. A lot of great buys! I almost crossed out everyone in our shopping list (keyword = almost). We're planning to go back there to finish the list and buy stuff for us too. We also dropped by the Richwell warehouse sale in Calle Industria. There are lots of toys on sale but it will be difficult to buy gifts for kids in the family given the state of the boxes. Our last stop was the Anvil booksale where I was able to get Archie comic books for P10 each (though there were only two titles left!) and several P10 and P20 books.

I am hoping to recharge with this long weekend.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!Obviously, someone didn't get what he wanted....

Our little Spidey... at EDC trick-or-treat

Haha :-) I swear this was not a planned shot! As if I can ask my son to pretend to yawn.

Daddy's 29th Birthday

What he does whenever we're checking out houses....