Monday, April 20, 2009

No longer a baby :-(

.. and it saddens me.

Lucas had his first haircut last night. It was some sort of an instant decision on our part since my dad discovered that Lucas have "bungang-araw" in his head. I immediately texted our pedia cousin (hi Ate Mai :-) ) and she told me not to put powder (baby powder or cornstarch) on it and just keep the areas infected dry all the time. Since my baby has a lot of hair, we immediately decided to have his hair cut the same day.

After hearing mass, JJ and Lolo Dadi went to Dadi's trusted barber and asked him to give Lucas a cut at home.
Lucas: pre-haircut.
Lucas: moments before his haircut
I took a video and it was 7 minutes of near-torture for me. Lucas was cranky before the haircut and he started crying 1 minute into it. There were times when he'd look at me and wail "Mama, Mama, Mama..." which simply broke my heart and made me want to cry with him. Good thing he stopped crying immediately after the haircut.
And now, presenting my little boy, looking all grown-up (which is what made me sad). He's growing soooo fast.
He has swollen eyes pa from all his crying last night but I am glad he's the happy baby we all adore when he woke up this morning.
Just an update :-)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lucas turns 8 Months Old

Happy 8th month birthday munchkin :-)

Charming mommy and daddy :-)

Sporting his new shoes :-)

Lunch with daddy

Candle-blowing with Mommy

Just plain ADORABLE :-)

We love you much much anak :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maddie is here :-)

...and I couldn't be any happier :-)

I've been looking for Madeleine Wickham's (also known as Sophie Kinsella) books for a long time now. I even tried Amazon but some titles are being sold for more than US$80 (whattt???).

I searched for the publisher and after checking out their site (it was a publishing house from the UK) I found out that they are selling the books online. The only thing is, they don't ship books to the Philippines :(

Good thing I was still in touch with my former colleague Boy who was sent to Scotland for work :-) I just had the books shipped at his address in Edinburgh and two weeks after that Boy came home and handed me the goodies :-) Thanks Boy, or should I say Florence?

Now, all I need to do is find time to start reading them.

One Cool Dad

Background: JJ's into playing Magic cards and collecting Transformers since he was a kid (highschool for Magic). He takes good care of his toys and even buys special plastic sleeves for his cards for them to be in mint condition for a long time. So imagine my surprise when I saw him hand our 8th month old the following to play with:
Prime too?
The Magic card could've been one of the cheapest in the stash but the thought of him letting our little boy play with his most prized toys is really something.
Lucas had his eye on Prime for a long while now. JJ even bought him a small Bulkhead to play with. But, the little guy still wants to play with Prime...
Just heartwarming to see what JJ can do just to make Lucas happy :-) (Starcream and the other leader class TFs naman anak? ;D) Thank you daddy.

The Wait is Over...

... for my nephew, LUIS JACOB GONZALES LUGUE, born last March 19, 2009 via CS. Congrats to Tom and Carmy :-)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ilocos Pics

Sharing pictures from our Ilocos Norte business trip. Well, these were taken after we completed the "business" part of the trip:-)

with Jules :-) she took all the nice shots that will follow.
Yup, that tiny thing is me :-) Parang postcard!

This was a torture room back then.

That's me again :-) Inside Sta. Monica church

taken at the Lighthouse :-)

Thanks Jules :-)

My Wow Philippines!

My schedule's been really hectic the past few weeks, mostly because of my workload. I've been traveling a lot the past weeks and here are the places I've been to...

Zamboanga City - I took the morning flight and left the same day via the PM flight. My colleagues had a great time shopping for shawls that were really nice and cheap.

Davao: I wish the place in the pic is where I've been to. I had a seminar at the Grand Meng Seng Hotel and when it ended by early afternoon, we were off to the market place to buy pomelos and other fruits. Mangosteen was really cheap at P60 per kilo. Pomelos were at P70 per kilo. I also bought durian for my dad.
Cagayan de Oro: I was dreading this trip because it was the first time that I will be leaving my son overnight :-( I was honestly thinking of backing out from this one but I just can't let my boss down. I tried not to think about him during the trip but I cannot help it! Whenever I missed him, I'd ring the house and have one of the Ate's turn on the speaker phone so I can hear his voice and let him hear mine. Only after these calls will I feel relieved, somehow. We had dinner at this place by the sea, some 30 minutes drive from CDO. Then we had dessert at this amazing place called Candy's in CDO proper. The sylvanas and chocolate cake were really super. I brought slices home for JJ :-)

Laoag City: I've been to Laoag a couple of times the past years when I was still with the Wind group of our company but it's the first time I visited Santa Monica church.

Legaspi City: Third time's a charm. The first two visits, I didn't get to glimpse Magayon. This time, she was visible in all her glory when we landed. It was indeed breathtaking, making me feel sorry I didn't bring my camera. Good thing my colleagues had theirs :-) Will post pictures as soon as I get copies from them.
I am now writing this from Cebu airport (they have free wifi and it makes we wonder why NAIA doesn't have it...same terminal fee of P200 :-( ) while waiting for my 7:35 PM flight. I am looking forward to the Holy Week and the much needed rest. The Ates will be on vacation the week after Holy Week so I will be on mommy duty then (which is also why I cannot refuse my boss when I was asked to travel).
Hope everyone gets the much needed rest we all deserve. And may you all have a blessed Holy Week.