Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lucky Lucky.....

Last Monday, I got a mail from BPI. Thinking that it was only my statement for the period, I asked hubby to open the mail for me. Less than 3 minutes after opening the mail, he started laughing. I was like, "Oh, bakit ka tumatawa jan". He answered,"Nanalo ka raw ng dinner date with Sam Milby". Then laughed again (Nai-imagine niya pala ko with my big belly having dinner with Sam kaya siya natatawa). I grabbed the mail from him and found out that indeed, that is what it says. That I was the grand winner of their EPS promo. I checked the other contents of the mail (reply slip and a promo flyer) and everything looks authentic. The next day, I gave a call to BPI's Marketing Department and the info they sent me via registered mail was confirmed.

Hubby and I went to BPI this morning to claim the prices (GCs from Bench, etc.). We were set on informing them that I wouldn't be claiming the dinner date thingy (my being married and pregnant, tinatamad to have it scheduled, etc., etc.) but when we arrived, everyone was so excited about the thing that we didn't have the heart to say no. I just asked if my sister can take my place instead. And they told us that I could just take my sister and hubby with me. There's a makeover budget included in the prices as well.

Aliw lang :-) I didn't even know that such a promo exists (Plugging: the promo will run until June 15, 2008. Every P500 purchase via EPS qualifies as one raffle ticket). Everyone who found out about my winning in the promo tells me na I am suwerte raw because I am pregnant. One officemate even jokingly wiped his hanky on my belly (Aba! Gawin ba akong poon?). I said thanks to baby and jokingly added "next time Lotto jackpot naman ha?". :-P

Monday, May 19, 2008

BuyMakeUp's New Stocks

BuyMakeUp has new stocks. We have the following items in stock:

1. MAC Travel brush sets (3pcs- and 6-pcs sets)

2. MAC Studio Fix Foundation/ Face Powder (but all items were reserved as of yesterday)

3. Clinique Lipsticks (tester packaging) - The only difference is that the lipstick does not come in a box and the tube is different. But the quantity and quality of the lippie is still the same. Each lipstick costs P450. Shades available:

  • Golden Brandy
  • Creamy Nude
  • Pink Chocolate
  • Chocolate Ice
  • Pink Beach
  • Bamboo Pink
  • Violet Berry
  • Extreme Pink
  • Raspberry Glace
  • Pure Posh
  • Toasted Rose
  • Sassy Spice
  • Poppy Shine
  • Peach Pop
  • Blushing Coral

4. Estee Lauder Equalizer Smart Makeup - this retails for US$33 in the States. We're selling it for P800 only.

Please click here to see our new stocks :-) Aside from the new items, we have other makeup items available. Just visit our Photo Albums to see our other products. PM me for any query.

Random 10

Got tagged by Marie.

1. I speak Kapampangan and I can understand Ilocano.

2. I have big feet. I am a size 9M. Now that I am pregnant, I am often wishing that the one-shoe-size-bigger thing won’t happen to me.

3. JJ’s my first boyfriend. (but my nth crush…. Humirit pa ba? )

4. My fave Zagu flavor is Pearl Milk Tea. When a friend asked for a sip, “Ek” is what I heard after a few seconds Acquired taste ata talaga.

5. I love fruits , chocolates and ice cream. The last two I have to take in limited amounts these days since I am on my second trimester already and I have to watch my sugar intake. Sad. But it’s okay. It’s for my and baby’s health anyway.

6. I always watch Formula 1.

7. My favorite color is purple.

8. Since preggy women are supposedly lucky, madalas ako tumaya sa Lotto these days (We might get really lucky) We often get 3 out of 6 numbers. Aliw!

9. I cannot live without post-its.

10. More often than not, I only shop when there is a sale. I feel cheated when I buy stuff on regular prices. But it’s a different story when I really like the item

I am supposed to tag 10 other people but most probably had this done already. So I am tagging those who haven't completed this tag yet.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Buymakeup's Great Sale!

Hi! We're selling authentic MAC, Clinique and Estee Lauder make up items at low low prices. We're currently having a last hoorah sale. Please visit our site:

We also have new items (MAC/Clinique make up kits and new make up) available.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Hubby Tag

Got this from Ann (well, she said kasi that everyone na hindi pa nagagawa yung tag can do it :-) ).

How long did you date? We became a couple in Feb 99, we got married about 7 years and 10 months after.

How old is he? 27 years old

Who eats more? Dati him. But since I am pregnant now, tingin ko ako

Who said “I love you” first? Him.

Who is taller? Hubby is taller by 4 inches.

Who sings better? Let’s put it this way. We’re both wishing that when it comes to singing/dancing, our baby will get the recessive genes

Who is smarter? I think him… pero konti lang lamang niya sa akin. haha

Whose temper is worse? His, pero mas madali ako mainis/ magalit. Him, pasensyoso but when he gets mad, galit talaga.

Who does the laundry?
Both of us. But the household help handles most of our clothes, undies lang sa amin.

Who does the dishes?
Wala sa amin. But we both can handle it naman, if needed.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Before, I do. But since I am preggy and near the wall yung right side, we had to switch positions. I have to go to the restroom often every night kasi.

Who pays the bills? Common expenses, hati kami. Otherwise, kanya kanya.

Who cooks dinner? We don’t. But if we move out, it will probably be me.

Who drives when you are together? Him.

Who is more stubborn? Honestly, me. But he has his moments.

Who kissed who first? He did.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Hmm. Tough one. Hehe
Ako, yata.

Whose parents do you see the most? His, we’re living with them actually.

Who proposed? Hmm. He never really proposed but he did plan to surprise me with the ring (mejo pumalpak nga lang kasi dense ako sobra. Haha!). We took it as a next step and with us, it wasn’t really a matter of my saying yes, it was just a matter of when is the right time. We even started saving for the wedding the moment we had jobs na.

Who is more sensitive? Me.

Who has more friends? Dati, me. But now feeling ko him na.

Who has more siblings? He does.

Who wears the pants in the family? Hubby does but we discuss everything together before making decisions. But feeling ko when the baby comes, siya yung disciplinarian. Now pa lang mahigpit na siya sa akin sa mga bawal bawal stuff eh

**** Similar to what Ann did, I am tagging everyone who wants to complete this tag.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were ranked 21st by Time Magazine in their 100 Most Influential List. I chanced upon the article written by George Clooney about the couple.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
By George Clooney

It is one thing to talk about the problems of the world and quite another to actually try to change things.

As a team, actors Brad Pitt, 44, and Angelina Jolie, 32, have served as our goodwill ambassadors worldwide. They brought help to Pakistan in 2005, after a catastrophic earthquake killed tens of thousands of people and left millions homeless. They have tended to the poor and sick in Africa. And they've raised global awareness—and contributed $1 million of their own money—for the victims of atrocities in Darfur. Brad co-founded Not on Our Watch, an organization set up to focus global attention on Darfur and other hot spots.

In the U.S., Brad and Angelina didn't just talk about, or even just throw money at, the tragic fallout from Hurricane Katrina. They actually moved to New Orleans and have set about trying to make right what so many have made wrong. Brad established a project to finance and build 150 new homes in the Ninth Ward.

Angelina has worked tirelessly through the United Nations on behalf of refugees around the world, touring border camps in Africa, Asia and Latin America and lobbying on Capitol Hill. The couple cares for three adopted children, from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam, in addition to their biological daughter.

There are hundreds of people who could be honored for their good works, but I've seen Brad and Angelina firsthand, and their commitment together is truly impressive.
I'd say that I find this couple remarkable and I really hope that what they have will last.

Friday, May 2, 2008

And the doctor says.....

  • Per the ultrasound summary report, our baby is 24weeks and 5 days based on the fetal biometry results. But taking off from my LMP, baby should just be 23weeks and 5 days. Hala! Mommy really have to start eating smartly na.
  • we're gonna have a baby BOY :-) most tell us naman that it is usually accurate when they say it's a boy dahil kitang-kita agad yung proof. Sabi ng daddy ko, he's gonna have a basketball team daw because boys lahat ng 3 apo niya. My father-in-law (who's the only one who guessed that I am gonna have a boy) said "Oh, sabi sa yo eh, boy yan. Nag-iba kasi itsura mo.). He clarified naman that he doesn't mean na pumangit ako. hehe :-)

I asked JJ how he felt when he found that we're having a baby boy. Sabi niya, same lang naman yung feeling if ever girl man siya as long as healthy :-) same with me. I told my officemates nga na same lang kasi baby namin siya no matter what gender. Mas masaya lang mag-imagine these days kasi alam ko na boy siya :-)

That's it for now. And please pray for our continued health. 3 1/2 months na lang :-)